Panache Management offers training programs for children, teens, women and men. At our school, students can acquire valuable skills that help increase self-confidence, poise and a strong sense of personal presentation. Our students learn skills like runway modeling, make-up application, working in front of the camera, auditioning for commercials and more. Our instructors are top industry professionals who can share their experience and advice with all of our students! We accept students of all shapes and sizes, all heights, and all ethnicities. Some will find modeling and acting opportunities upon graduation, from charity fashion shows, movies and music videos in the student division, to full time careers in our international division. Others will take the training for self esteem and personal development. But all will have fun and make new friends! Explore the exciting world of fashion, modeling and acting at Panache Management!



Our modeling course has much to offer and includes, among other things, fashion show choreography, runway modeling, make-up application, skin care, movement for the camera, as well as self-defense for women.



Interested in looking like a model and building self confidence? This program is for men and women and includes skin & hair care, public speaking, fitness & nutrition and wardrobe & imaging.



This is an advanced weekly class for runway and photo movement. It is free for all of our graduates of the Professional Modeling Course. 


The Junior Modeling course is an introduction to modeling for boys and girls aged 7 to 12. The class is a great bonding experience that builds confidence and creates lasting friendships. Students learn poise, stage presence and how to be comfortable in front of the camera.

Here are just some of the benefits of taking a Panache class:

More confidence in life: the classes are for everyone! Tall, short, big, small...we will help you learn to be the best you can be, in a nurturing environment!

Exposure to many different facets of the modeling industry - like makeup, fashion photography, and fashion show choreography! This is a great opportunity to explore different areas of the business – maybe you'll find your ideal future career!